Welcome on the homepage of the Heilmeyersteige Dormitory

These webpages provide you with information about the dormitory Heilmeyersteige in Ulm (Germany). The purpose of these pages is mainly to inform students which are living in the dormintory and those who plan to do so. However, even if you are not living here and probably never will, you may discover something interessing.

What we (the network administrators of this dormitory) want to emphasize: We are not the carrier of the dormitory. If you want to live here, please head over to the Studierendenwerk Ulm. Furthermore are these pages out of all proportion to the Studentenwerk, but are operated by the inhabitants of the dormitory. That's why we can not guarantee the correctness of the informations on these pages (But we try to keep this pages as up to date as possible).


19.02.17 - Tutorlist as PDF

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